Why photography?

I am certain that I own 2 baby pictures of myself (well they are somewhere in an album at my parents house). When I was born my parents did not own a camera. I often wonder how I looked at that particular age. My mom would tell me all about my baby and toddler years and I could picture it mentally, but I still wanted to be able to see that moment in a photograph.

I have seen a couple of pictures when I was age 7 and up, but still in my heart I was yearning for baby pictures. I have always had that one missing thing. When I became a mom, I had a camera and I had a video recorder to document every move of our beautiful little girl. She turned and I was right there in her face. She raised her head and I was taking pictures every single day of her drooling, of her crying, I mean everything. We often look back at these pictures and seeing her laugh and smile makes me happy.

I think taking hundreds of pictures was my way to make sure she would not feel how I felt. I decided since I wasn't allowed to work in the US at that time, to take a 2 year course of photography. I got my degree and it landed in my file cabinet. I continued taking pictures of my family, birthday parties, travels. I basically took my camera everywhere with me.

To me photography is freezing moments in time that will never come back the same way. Last year I started contemplating how I could make this a business. I read a lot of books, articles and took some more classes so I could better myself at my craft. I own a little studio but I lean towards shooting documentary photography, candid, in the moments shots . I love when my clients, especially little ones, are not posed or perfectly groomed in new clothes because life happens in our homes, where we hang out. I want to come to your home or hangout place and shoot in your environment. That does not mean that I won't do posed sessions, I love those too, but I want to capture honest moments in time for you to look back at, images that are unposed and raw. I am looking for tender moments and moments of action. My goal is to capture the true essence of my subjects with a natural and fresh approach while having fun. I believe everyone has a story, it would be an honor to tell yours.

To better myself I practice and practice daily. You might find me taking pictures of food, flowers and random people.

My wildest dream and desire would be able to travel and photograph people around the world. in their enviroment.

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