Dogs and puppies.

I do not own a dog, growing up in the Caribbean my family always had dogs, we had chicken or two a grey goats, turtles, several parakeets, fish and a my own pig yes a pig named Frida. After I moved to the US I had to have an allergy test and the results were allergic to cats and dogs... bummer.

Earlier this year we adopted a cat "Luna" and for a month she was with us , untikl I go too sick and we had to give her away can I say that was the hardest thing ever. So we get our dog fix from the neighbors dog or dogs we encounter on the street.

Meet some of the most cutest dogs I have encounter these past 2 weeks.

1. Simone

2. Ginger & Copper

3. Ginger

4. Grace

5. Finnigan

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