Pain has been part of my life since April this year. I was rearended pretty bad, it not only left me with daily back pain but also fear of driving. I had a couple of Mri's , CT Scan and Xrays done and was extremely happy that my back was not broken. My neurosurgeon suggested I go see a Physical Therapist.

I didn't had to drive while we were vacationing in Europe for the summer, although driving on the highway in Italy was way too scary they think it is a Formula 1 race and they love to be on your tail. We walked a lot during the day and at night I was glad to see my bed so I could rest.

I dealt with the pain by gong to physical therapy and by doing streches at home. I have to confess I wasn't good at doing those every day. It was hard dealing with the pain, cause first of all I do not like taking meds so most of the time I spent laying bed catching up on netflix documentaries when the pain was way too much.

After changing Physical therapist, I started seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, she approached things differently it all involved massage and getting my core stronger.

In the end she used dry needling which helped me I have been pain free for 3 weeks now , the first week I was waiting for Mr. pain to return now I am enjoying every day I even started going all out in my dancing . The only thing that is left to deal with is Fear..... I am talking to myself that I have this I can do this I know in the end I will it only takes a little bit of time I am going to ease my way into it. Now I understand people who are in pain everyday it is no fun.

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