Why should you hire me?

You want to be able to look back at all the moments you created that day and relive that time again and again. So how do you pick that perfect photographer in a sea of photographers to capture those amazing moments for you? I can’t answer that for you but I can tell you why you should hire me .

From the moment you book me I will be talking to you either in person through email or phone. I want to make sure I understand what your goals are for the sesion. We will talk outfits, location and ideas for your photoshoot. I photograph from the heart and put love into every single image I take. I have a dedicated notebook where I jot down an inspiration board and what I want to achive for your particular session.

The day of your photo shoot will be a fun filled one, yes even if it rains. I will make sure you feel at home where you can be yourself. I am not really good at jokes but trust me I wll make you laugh, I say things different sometimes and it comes with an accent. I might even bring out my famous turkey sound.

I will pick out the best images of your session and hand edit every single picture. I will hand tweaked and manually edit the pictures to a beautiful final product that speaks to my style and brand. 24 hours after the shoot I will share a sneak peek of your session with your permission of course.You will get your promised digitals that comes with the session of your choice and a gallery where you can either buy digitals or prints in a week and half.

The most important thing is I want your session to be awesome so you will hire me again and share your experience with your family and friends.

Now let me get back to my hot cocoa an decorating my Christmas tree,

Now booking for 2016

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