Christmas away from home.

This Christmas was not as hard cause the weather was abnormaly warm and I felt like I was home in the Caribbean. I even made some of my favorite dishes growing up, Hallacas which is like polenta with chicken, prunes, onions, capers, cashew, raisins etc etc and this is wrapped in a banana leaf and pickled pig ears which I have been eating by myself cause nobody in my family wants to try it. It is delicious and crunchy.

Our son woke us up at 10 am cause he did not want to wait longer, we opened presents by the fireplace which was not on, and then followed by breakfast. My husband made a Dutch Christmas bread and I made a Caribbean Ham. During the day we watched movies, play video games, read books and I folded some laundry. We did gourmetten for dinner , which is a Dutch Tradition of cooking at the table. It was a beautiful warm day and we were all together.

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