When it all makes sense.

This past weekend I went to Imaging USA. Imaging USA is the annual conference hosted by the Professional Photographers of AmericaThe event features the largest photography expo in North America. You get to learn a whole lot, talk to other photographers, look at awesome products and more.

My goal was to learn and to get to sessions of photographers who inspires me, like Sue Bryce I smiled from ear to ear like a litte kid on Christmas morning. I kept asking myself the whole time is this real??

I saw Peter HurleyRoberto Valenzuela, Lindsay Adler and Jerry Ghiones.

I got to hug Sue and take a picture with her, I have proof scroll down and you will see.

I got my aha moment when I went to a class I did not plan to attend led by Jerry Ghiones , how to evoke emotion in photography. I cried, I laughed and I cried some more with others in the room.

In the middle of this class it all made sense and the stuff going on in my head and burning in my heart that I could not describe to people what it was exactly came together beautifully and now it is much clear to me.

I can't wait to put this all together and show you what I have learned, I am so thankful for the opportunity to experience this it was amazing.

Sometimes when you least expect you end up where you did plan to go , there is where you will find answers.

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