Photo project 52 week 6 Meat lover

Meat oh how I love thee, is there anybody out there that loves meat as much as me???

I love a good steak , I think home grilled is the best although I love the steak alley for a night out.

My husband loves grilling filet mignon and picanha which is a favorite of the kids. I do not touch the grill since the last time my mom was here I tried to impress her by making beercan chicken and burned the chicken, the gas grill cause it was set too high, no I will settle with cooking things in the kichten. I recently started making potroast since it is a one pot meal and I always end up with leftovers, so that means we can eat it two days in a row. And the important part is I throw lots of veggies in there and the kids do not know they are there, I served mine with cauliflower mash or sweet potato mash.

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