Week 23 One day at the time!

Last April marks a year since my car accident. I am doing better, I am still not at the place where I want to be but I am taking it slow. I still get anxiety when I look in my rearview mirror and see a car approaching fast. I get sick when I see the brake lights, I guess I am not so found of the color red anymore. Someone who was texting and driving not only cause me physical pain that I have to deal with every day but also mental pain. I rather be at home, then driving or being in the car period. t has been more than a year since my car accident. What has helped me is to sing songs, pray or just call the name of Jesus. Now that I have my photography business I have to drive places to meet the clients, taking pictures has a calming and happy effect on my , it makes me proud to see that I feel so proud when I drive to the location and back. I know God has me in the palm of His hand and He will take my fears and pains away. One day I will be able to just drive on the road and not be scared anymore.

Please do not text and drive it can wait, yes it can wait !!!!!

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