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I have to admit, I suck at blogging and keeping up with my blog. I know I'm good at daily journaling, I own more than 20 journal. I love way the pen touches the paper I don't know how to explain this but it brings me big time JOY.

But when it comes to writing things online , I kinda know what I want to say but sometimes I am left with what do I write. As many of you know English is not my first language so I guess I think in either Dutch or Papiamento my native tongue, so a lot of times it might sound funny in my language but how do I translate it for it to sound funny in English?

I realize that I don't want to sound formal in my journaling cause I want to come across how I am in other words Fun.

So I am going to give it a try to journal more I want to make it short and sweet.

Last post was about Thanksgiving, I know right feels like I have been stuck in food coma! A lot happened after that. One of them was we went back to the island where I grew up Bonaire for the holidays. One of the things I did was .......I tried snorkeling for the first time with a full mask on and I love it .

I stood by a the edge of a rock to take a picture with 40 miles wind blowing in my hair and shirt heck yeah! If you know me I would never do that.

One other thing tried was diving even though I held on my instructor's arm for my dear life the whole time. I didn't get to go all the way to the cora, but I took baby steps and I am so proud of myself. Since I do not like new years resolutions, I went with two words I am working on, fearless and to stand up for myself.

I leave you with this picture I snapped recently, Spring is here and allergies too. I have been using the Young Living essentials oils and drinking lots of tea with cayenne pepper and ginger.

What do you do for your allergies?

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