As I wait

As I wait here sitting in my room, cold wind blowing against the window, a new year a new me that's what I hear or see everywhere on social media. I have waited for the words I want for 2018 to pop up somehow, but it never really came. I am going to continue using fearless (cause even though I have accomplished some great things in 2017 I still let fear dictate my journey), speak up (2017 was just the beginning) and I am adding no excuses.

I have come to the realization that whenever I have things laid in front of me I still have an excuse to why I can't do certain things.

I know I have it in me and I can and I will do it with the help of God.

So here is the to 2018, live fearless, use your voice and speak up, no more excuses for reaching your goals.

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