Life in the midst of a Pandamic

Sometimes I catch myself thinking this seems like a dream. In 2020 I went for Carnaval in the Caribbean. I remember dancing for hours having a blast with new friends I made that week and never thinking that things would change after this trip. I used my mask on the plane back to the US even though on February 28, 2020 there wasn't any talks about using it.

I remember landing in Atlanta and I started seeing more and more people wearing a mask. Reality started kicking in. Two weeks and half later the gym was closed. And if you know me I am 6 days in the gym and sometimes twice on certain days.

I started running outside, gathering more work out videos I could use to work out at home. I do not remember when was the time the gym opened up but I ended up going wearing my mask. I can tell you in the beginning it was really hard to work out with it sometimes I couldn't breathe .

I can tell you that life with the mask is easier now, we became buddies. I can breathe with it and I got so attached with it that I do not see myself not working out with one. The gym being the only thing I would visit has become a place of not only working out , but also a place that gives me peace of mind.

My office was closed for a couple of months, my photography business had to be put on a hold. I saw this time as an opportunity to do some inner work. I got better at working out, at running and working on mindfulness.

I discovered parts of me that I needed to work on, cool things I never knew about myself. Even though I haven't been out to a party or a girls night out, I feel like I have gained so much in the midst of chaos.

To me this has been a time to be quiet, to listen, to work on myself, to gain knowledge to be the better version of myself.

My circle of friends have gotten smaller, cause we do not see each other anymore, but that is ok with me it is not the quantity but the quality of these friendship.

I have been reading more, listening to podcasts and watching more documentaries.

The year 2021 started with my IG account being hacked although it was not a fun experience I ended up losing all my pictures.

It opened my eyes to me questioning what I was putting out there and for who. Basically what were my intentions for me posting. I made a new account , it's different it about my brand. I cleaned my whole followers list and I am only following people that matter to me, that have positive stuff to say, that can add to my growth and Inspires me to do better.

I took 2 classes online that helped me with knowledge of investments, business, meditation and my passion.

All I can say is the I am surviving, it's not so bad. Things will get better, I will get to visit my family and friends again hopefully soon.

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