10 things I learned

Here are 9 things I learned before I consider the thought of running a photography business.

1. Know my camera.

2. Shoot in Raw

3. Use continous mode when photographing moving subjects

4. Shoot in Manual

5. Reflectors always come in handy learn how to use them

6. Know my studio lights.

7. Try to learn something new every single day

8. Focus on the eyes if I want it to be sharp.

9. Practice and practice some more.

10. Be different.

These 10 things helped me achieve where I wanted to be , I am my own critic, I am happy with the photograph but I do not settle I want to improve and be better at it, so I keep a notebook nearby so I can jot down important things I am learning. I try to learn something new every single day time permitting of course even if it is a quick read. There are many classes online, photography groups where you can learn a ton.

I also shoot everyday even if it is not people I go outside and practice in the nature. The world is beautiful enjoy it.


Picture taken in the studio

using Canon 24-70 2.8 on a black seamless background

edited in Lightroom.

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