Project 52 week 8 It takes two to have fun.

These two love being together most of the time but they are totaly opposites . One wakes up whistling and the other needs it to be quiet. One loves strawberry jelly and the other grape jelly. One loves tomatoes and mushrooms and the other one doesn't want to eat his food if it has mushroom or tomatoes in it.

They have one thing in common for suerethey both love video games and animae, and they both are in film class in High school.

I love it when they are having a conversation and teaching the other one. Last year when we were in Europe for our summer vacation the wifi wasn't working and they didn't have their video games, the only thing they had was each other.

Last week I took them out on a location scouting and this what I got in the last picture they like to joke around , I wanted them cooperate but they decided to clown around. I have to say I felt like it wasn't productive. But when I got home and loaded the pictures everything changed. I am thankful I was able to freeze a moment between brother and sister.

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